Turkish Delivery Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish delivery valve, Turkey delivery valve manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality delivery valve from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

HONGBENG DIESEL PUMP CO. LTD.        Çin     maria Bee    
s automotive parts, diesel engine parts, diesel injection parts, cam disk, delivery valve, diesel nozzles, common rail nozzles, headrotor, pt plunger, drive shaft, gasolin engine, hand pump, nozzle holder, hongbeng diesel pump, pump parts, manget valve
ZEX FUEL INJECTION PARTS INC.        Çin     Denny Chen    
s fuel injector nozzle, delivery valve, diesel element, plunger, head rotor, common rail nozzle, pencil nozzle, nozzle holder, fuel injection pumps, diesel fuel injection parts, diesel engine parts
BLUESTARS DIESEL POWER TECH. CO. LTD.        Çin     Cindy Zhang    
s diesel nozzle, plunger, delivery valve, head rotor, diesel injector, pencil nozzle
CHINA BALIN PARTS PLANT        Çin     vivian lin    
s diesel engine parts, head rotor, injector nozzle, plunger assy, element, delivery valve, control valve, repair kits, test bench, fuel injection parts
BLUESTARS DIESEL POWER TECH.        Çin     Sandy Shen    
s head rotor(ve pump parts), nozzle, plunger, delivery valve, cam disk, repair kits, feed pump
s fuel injector nozzle, diesel element, plunger pump, delivery valve, head rotor, common rail diesel nozzle, diesel fuel pump, nozzle holder, pencil nozzle, test bench, nozzle tester, repair kit, diesel fuel injection parts, ve pump, cylinder head, diesel injection pump, fuel injection pump test bench, diesel pump, plunger pump
MET-EKS OTOMOTIV SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdullah YÜCE    
s aluminium, aluminum, machine, air compressors, compressor, clutch, mold, aluminum mold, aluminum molds, casting, casting work, spare part, spare parts, clinder head, clinder, case crank, piston, ring piston, cylinder, connecting road, crankshaft, delivery valve, valve, valves, coover bearing, full gasket, gasket, guide intake valve, adapter, seal oil, bearing, shaft, shim, unloader valve, metal ceank pin, spring intake valve, o-ring, filter, boster, washer, repair kit, repair kits, acumulator, b, plate, brether